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Astralis qualifies for the 2023 Six Invitational

Astralis are the first team to lock in a Six Invitational appearance.

A win over Soniqs and a loss by Parabellum on play day eight of the North American League means that Astralis has won themselves a spot in the 2023 Six Invitational.

This is as they're guaranteed at least 140 SI Points for finishing in at least seventh place during Stage 3 which will add to the 525 Points won during Stage 1 and 275 won during Stage 2. Combined this puts them on 940 Points which no more than 15 teams could possibly overtake, guaranteeing them a top-16 position.

Being the very first team to achieve this is a remarkable achievement considering this time last year Astralis finished Stage 3 2021 in seventh place. Since then they've won the NA League in two back-to-back stages and took DarkZero to map five during the Charlotte Major grand-final.

Now, while they are set to attend the Six Invitational, they still have a tough fight on their hand to win a spot in November's Jonkoping Major event as just two spots remain in North America, and they sit down in fifth place.

Next week the team is set to play a revitalised Oxygen roster.