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Is Siege's Black Ice an overrated skin?

The Black Ice is the most popular skin in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege's skins are quite popular. However, the most important cosmetic in the game is Black Ice. Historically, every player has always wanted to have it for several reasons, including uniqueness or style.

However, is Siege's Black Ice dying? Is it still as unique and rare as everyone thinks it is?

Despite the Black Ice being a beautiful skin, we think its best days are long gone.

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What is Siege's Black Ice skin?

The Black Ice is the most popular skin in Rainbow Six Siege. When players get the purple flare while opening an Alpha Pack, they all start wishing for a Black Ice.

Certainly, the Black Ice looks amazing. It's one of the best-looking cosmetics in Rainbow Six Siege and everyone wants to have it. However, the hype around this skin has fallen drastically.

Bravo Packs have killed the Black Ice uniqueness

The reason is Bravo Packs. Since Black Ice cosmetics were released to the game, everyone wanted to have them mainly because the skin was unique, precious, and can't be acquired by purchasing it in the game's store.

With them being so weird to obtain, having just one was already something special. However, with Bravo Packs in the game, Premium Battle Pass owners' chances of getting a Black Ice are absurdly high. It's not a "special, unique" skin anymore, though still a cool one.

A total of 22 Black Ice can be packed with Bravo Packs. Keep in mind that the Bravo Packs collection includes 150 different items, so that's a Black Ice every seven/eight packs opened.

From a personal point of view, I can tell this is a thing. My number of Black Ice skins has increased drastically since the release of Bravo Packs. Players also having them kills the skin uniqueness and more elaborated skins such as the ones seen in R6 Share are even more appealing.

Despite its uniqueness being something of the past, the Black Ice will stay as one of the best skins in the game. It has a meaning. Players still desperately look for them in every pack they open. We will just have to get used to seeing Black Ice skins in all the games from now on.