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Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 operator tier list: Defenders

Defenders are an important part of the game, but who are the best options?

Banner image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is a complicated game. Before taking it seriously, you must understand what each operator can bring to the battlefield. Mastering their special abilities is key, especially if you want to play competitive game modes.

We have elaborated a list ordering them from the best (S) to the worst (E).

Rainbow Six Siege defenders tier list

S Tier - Mira, Smoke, Jäger, Azami, Aruni

Image: Ubisoft

Despite recent tweaks to her opaque windows, Mira's gadget is still a game changer. She transformed the way Siege was played when she was introduced. Something similar happens with Azami, whose Kiba Barriers have multiple functions.

Smoke's unique canisters are still very strong, especially considering attackers have no way to disable them -- except by shooting the canisters, which is very difficult.

Finally, Jäger's iconic ADSs are crucial for defenders. These prevent attackers from using their utility, as the ADSs catch them mid-air. A shield combined with an ADS is any attacker's worst nightmare.

A Tier - Castle, Valkyrie, Alibi, Kaid, Wamai, Bandit, Echo

These are some of the most important characters in the game, but you can survive without them.

Valkyrie's cameras are a very strong piece of utility, which could easily make S Tier. However, since the cameras can no longer be deployed outside the building, we decided to put her in the second-best category. Echo can also deliver information to his teammates, as the Japanese operator has now two Yokai Drones that can cancel planting animations.

Wamai's ability helps defenders to get rid of utility, just like Jäger. However, the disks automatically explode alongside the gadget thrown. 

The electrified combo of Kaid and Bandit is a must-have in multiple sites, while Alibi arose as one of the best roamers in the current meta. Castle's special barricades and secondary shotgun are also perfect for creating new angles and pushing attackers to waste utility and time.

B Tier - Mute, Goyo, Mozzie, Warden, Kapkan, Maestro, Melusi, Lesion

Image: Ubisoft

In the third tier, we have plenty of trap and intel gatherer operators. Mute and Mozzie's combo is perfect to not just get but also deny enemy information, a duo that's often seen in maps like Clubhouse.

Kapkan, Melusi, and Lesion traps can slow down the attackers, especially if they are pushing a site. Each unique gadget has its strengths and flaws.

Goyo's fire canister can't be ignored. The Volcans are very strong, and with his Vector getting an 1.5x scope in Operation Brutal Swarm, Goyo's position in the game might get even better.

Warden's special glasses can see through smoke and avoid blindness while activated, which is the perfect ability when attackers bring operators like Ying, Blitz, or Glaz. 

C Tier - Pulse, Thunderbird, Ela, Tachanka, Oryx, Thorn, Frost, Vigil

Operators in tier four are very positional and can only be used in very special situations. Ela and Vigil are very strong roamers, who could be in the B Tier. However, the truth is that players prefer bringing Lesion or Melusi to the battlefield.

Thorn and Frost's traps are also important, but these are very situational and easily seen (and countered). Oryx's ability is also very situational, as many other operators like Smoke or Castle already bring shotguns to create new angles and rotation holes. 

Thunderbird's ability is very overpowered if you have faith in your roamers to come back to get their health restored, but if that's not the case, you won't see her being picked too often. Meanwhile, Pulse and Tachanka are only picked in very special sites, like Consulate's CEO Office.

D Tier - Clash, Doc, Rook

Certainly, Rook could be higher. His armor now gives players the ability to withstand, which can be differential in some cases. However, it's still very situational. The same applies to Doc.

Meanwhile, Clash's gadget can be a nightmare for the attackers, but the player must master her before even thinking about bringing her shield to the battlefield.

E Tier - Caveira

Caveira's guns aren't great, with her shotgun being a good option, especially for close gunfights. However, her ability is very selfish, as it can only be used by playing on your own, and it's very situational. It also exposes Caveira as attackers are notified of someone being interrogated.