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Y7S3.3 Pre-Season Designer's Notes: Dokkaebi and Rook with major changes, Finka's presence drops drastically

Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming changes introduced on the Test Server.

Rainbow Six Siege has released the Y7S3.3 Pre Season Designer's Notes, including information about how the meta has changed since the implementation of Operation Brutal Swarm. 

It also brought some light to the future of Rainbow Six Siege, including information about possible future updates to the game. Players can already try out the changes in the game's Test Server, which is only playable on PC.

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How has the meta changed since the launch of Operation Brutal Swarm?

The first thing that players will notice is Finka's position on the graphic: Finka has gone from a Win Delta of 2% and a presence of above 80%, to a Win Delta of 1% and a presence of 12%.

Another LMG user, Zofia, has also changed her presence on the graphic. While her Win Delta has slightly decreased, her presence has gone from 30% to 60%. She is now the most played attacker in the game.

On defense, not much has changed. Jäger, Alibi, Valkyrie, and Mute remain as the most played operators.  

What operators are going to have changes?

These are all the operators that have suffered changes:


Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb will now affect killed defenders. This means that defenders will have to interact with Dokkaebi's call even if they are dead. It can be very useful to prevent defenders from giving information to their teammates who are still alive.


Rook's Armor Plates will give operators the ability to withstand. 


Doc's Stim Pistol now heals 200 health points, which is a difference of 160 health points from the live game -- there, the Stim Pistol heals 40 health points. The Bailiff has also been added to his loadout, as Doc will be able to chose it as its secondary weapon.


Castle now has access to the M45 Meusoc. Although it's a good weapon choice, players will probably still go with the secondary shotgun to create rotations.


Kali's scope damage has been increased from 121 to 135 to counter Rook's buff.

Kaid and Goyo

The number of bullets in Kaid's TCSG 12 has been increased from 71 to 121 as an attempt to make the gun more appealing.

Other changes

Over-heal has been reduced from 40 health points to 20 health points, while the recoil attachments increase the recoil bonus to 20%.