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Blackbeard is an attacking Rainbow Six Siege operator, who is played in 3% of all rounds in SiegeGG-tracked matches.

Renshiro has played the most rounds in their career with Blackbeard. They are closely followed by Yung, whose favorite operator is Thermite.

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Blackbeard operator guide

Blackbeard is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker introduced to the game with the release of the expansion Operation Dust Line, which was released back in May 2016.

Blackbeard's launch made everyone go crazy. He was everyone's beast. His shield was overpowered and arguably nobody could kill him. Plain and simple, he was broken. Now, he's far away from this definition. Keep on reading to know more about Blackbeard in Rainbow Six Siege.

Blackbeard's biography

Blackbeard's real name is Craig Jenson and he was born in Bellevue, Washington.

Jenson joined the US Army despite the family tradition of purchasing a future in medical sciences. According to his Ubisoft biography, "his early years in the Boy Scouts and the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (Blue Angels Squadron) solidified his desire to serve his country and see the world."

Joining the army was the right decision for Jenson. He was able to study while "learning a wide range of skills that fueled his adventurous spirit." Later on, he would fulfill his goal of joining the US Navy SEALs. 

Blackbeard's loadout

Primary: MK17 C1B Assault Rifle / SR-25 Marksman Rifle

Secondary: D-50 Handgun

Gadgets: x2 Claymores / x3 Stun Grenades / x2 Fragmentation Grenades

Blackbeard's loadout is quite off-meta. It's useful, but it doesn't bring anything special. Players often play with Blackbeard's MK17 CQB, but the SR-25 delivers a huge amount of damage -- and it also can be equipped with the x3.0 scope.

Blackbeard's only secondary gun is the D-50, which can help him at making new angles of sight. However, its big recoil is a problem for the majority of casual players in the game.

As a gadget, Blackbeard has three options that fit his role. While the two Claymores are the smartest for what he's supposed to do, the stuns or the Impact EMPs can come in handy for hard breaching or utility-burning tasks.

With the arrival of Operation Deep Freeze, Ubisoft decided to buff Blackbeard by giving him two fragmentation grenades.

Blackbeard's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Blackbeard's main function is flank-watching and intel-gathering. He usually places his two Claymores before peaking through a key window. He can be very useful in maps such as Consulate or Chalet, which have plenty of windows and attackers usually play from outside.

Blackbeard is too slow to play as an entry fragger. His weapons can't compete with the loadout of entry operators such as Ash, Zofia, or Iana. 

All of that makes Blackbeard a very situational operator and an operator very difficult to find in high-rank matches.

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Overall, Blackbeard isn't in a good position in Rainbow Six Siege's meta. He's one of the worst attackers in the game. However, with the launch of Operation Heavy Mettle, Ubisoft announced its intentions to buff the attacker. This means that, in the future, Blackbeard may be playable again!

How to use Blackbeard's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Blackbeard's ability is the Rifle Shield. Blackbeard's shield protects him from headshots. While it sounds overpowered, don't be afraid, it's not. It's practically useless in its current state.

After the changes introduced in Year 6, Blackbeard's Rifle Shield health points were reduced from 50 to 20. That means a single shot will likely destroy the shield. It can save your life once, but you will have to replace it later.

Blackbeard has two Rifle Shields. You can use them while peeking through windows, giving you some cover while trying to catch off guard the defenders trying to rotate. Use your Claymores to protect you from potential run-outs or jump-outs.

How to counter Blackbeard in Rainbow Six Siege

Blackbeard has no direct counter. His special shield can only be destroyed with bullets or explosives. However, an operator like Kapkan, whose gadget explodes when walking through a door or by vaulting in through a window, could break Blackbeard's shield.

If you want to counter Blackbeard, Impact Grenades may be your best ally. These can help you to destroy the Claymores that he places to prevent defenders from running out at him.

Best Blackbeard skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some of Blackbeard's skins in Rainbow Six Siege.


Blackbeard's Elite Bundle is called Guerrilla and it was one of the first elite cosmetics launched in Rainbow Six Siege. You can purchase it for 1,800 R6 Credits.

Blackbeard Bliss Bundle

It's Christmas time! You can get this Blackbeard bundle for a limited time. You can only purchase it with R6 Credits.

Blackbeard Dignified Bundle

Blackbeard's Dignified Bundle may be the best option in the store right now. You can purchase this bundle with R6 Credits OR Renown! So, if you want to look cooler with Blackbeard, make sure to play and check out this bundle!