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Buck Buck Buck

Buck is an attacking Rainbow Six Siege operator, who is played in 30% of all rounds in SiegeGG-tracked matches.

pino has played the most rounds in their career with Buck. They are closely followed by Rampy, whose favorite operator is Jäger.

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Buck operator guide

Buck is a Canadian operator in Rainbow Six Siege. He was released alongside Frost back in Feb. 2016 with the launch of Operation Black Ice.

Buck is an attacker and his Skeleton Key is something else. Ever dreamt of having three guns on one operator in Rainbow Six Siege? Well, Buck is the personification of that. 

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Buck's biography

Throughout university, he served in the Canadian Reserves while studying Criminology. Later on, he was enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces and was assigned to the Military Police. According to Ubisoft's description, "his specialized training in high-risk situations, both long and close-range, marine rescue, and armed ship boarding made him a strong candidate for the RCMP Emergency Response Team."

After joining the JTF2, Buck kept training and improving his skills, including "high-speed tactical diving on both land and water, hazardous materials management, and hostage rescue." He is also known for his friendly and intuitive leadership skills. He speaks fluent English, French, and Pashto.

Buck's loadout

Primary: C8-SFW Assault Rifle / CAMRS Marksman Rifle

Secondary: Mk1 9mm Handgun / Gonne-6

Gadgets: 3 x Stun Grenades / 2 x Hard Breach Charges

After the operator tweaks introduced to Operation Brutal Swarm, Buck fits the meta perfectly. Buck has two great primary guns, a decent handgun, and two very different but useful gadgets. On top of that, the Skeleton Key Shotgun attached to his primary gun is perfect for close combat and soft destruction.

We advise you to use his C8-SFW, his Gonne 6, and his hard breaching charges, especially when attacking sites with reinforced hatches. Some good examples of sites where Buck can excel are Bank's Basement, Clubhouse's Armory, and Kafe's Kitchen.

Buck's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Generally, Buck is used as a soft breacher -- although some players use him as an entry fragger. 

Buck is great to use for vertical plays. His breaching abilities make him a great operator in attacks that require a lot of soft breaching plays. On top of that, his Hard Breaching Charges have made him a great operator when attacking sites with reinforced hatches. 

How to use Buck's gadget

Buck's gadget is the Skeleton Key, an extremely dangerous and efficient shotgun attached to his primary gun.

As we commented above, the Skeleton Key makes Buck extremely powerful in short-distance gun fights. However, that's not the Skeleton Key's main functionality.

Buck's gadget's main intention is to be used in vertical plays. It is very useful when used to destroy the defenders' ceilings/floors, as you will apply extra pressure from new angles. That also applies to key walls that aren't reinforced by the defenders.

Buck can be combined with Sledge, another soft breacher attacker in Rainbow Six Siege. Previously, we discussed who is the best soft breacher in Rainbow Six Siege.

Best counters to Buck

As of now, the best counters to Buck are operators who can electrify or jam walls such as Kaid, Bandit, and Mute, and operators who can get rid of attacking throwable utility, which includes Wamai and Jäger. 

Reinforces are also counters to Buck's Skeleton Key, while C4s are also a threat for Buck when playing from the floor above the defender's site.

Best Buck's skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some of Buck's skins in Rainbow Six Siege.

Snowdrift Expert

The Snowdrift Expert is Buck's Elite Bundle. It can be purchased with R6 Credits and it's arguably the best Buck Bundle out there.

Buck Canadian MP Bundle

Buck's Canadian MP Bundle will take you back to Buck's roots. It's an affordable bundle and it can make you a bit cooler and less NPC.

Buck Logger Bundle

Last but not least, Buck's Logger Bundle is another one to highlight as it can still be purchased in Siege's in-game store. Don't miss out on this one!