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Jackal is an attacking Rainbow Six Siege operator, who is played in 11% of all rounds in SiegeGG-tracked matches.

JoyStiCK has played the most rounds in their career with Jackal. They are closely followed by cameram4n, whose favorite operator is Mute.

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Jackal operator guide

Banner image: Ubisoft

Jackal is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker who was introduced to the game with the release of Operation Velvet Shell. He was included in the game alongside Mira and the map Coastline.

Jackal's ability allows him to spot defenders thanks to the footsteps they leave behind. If you are looking for an operator with a versatile and aggressive loadout that allows you to help your teammates while also getting into gunfights, Jackal is your guy.

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Jackal's biography

Jackal's real name is Ryad Ramírez Al-Hassar and he was born in Ceuta, Spain. His childhood is very dodgy and not much information has been revealed. His brother Faisal was found dead and that left Al-Hassar without a home. 

According to Ubisoft's biography, "being guided through the tragedy by a sympathetic police officer solidified Al-Hassar’s resolve to find his brother’s murderer and he joined the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía the day he turned eighteen."

Despite resolving a number of criminal investigations, the case of his brother remains open. According to Ubisoft's biography, "Al-Hassar excelled in off-road driving, abseiling, marksmanship, and knowledge of terrorist groups."

Jackal's loadout

Primary: C7E Assault Rifle / PDW9 Submachine Gun / ITA12L Shotgun

Secondary: USP40 Handgun / ITA12S Shotgun

Gadgets: x2 Claymore / x2 Smoke Grenades

Jackal's loadout is one of the best in the game. His loadout is very complete and makes him a viable option for multiple roles in the game. Players tend to play the C7E Assault Rifle, despite the PDW9's fire rate and magazine capacity. Both guns are great and are widely seen in the game.

Meanwhile, players usually go for the ITA12S Shotgun as Jackal's secondary gun, as it offers him the chance to play vertically.

Finally, while the two Claymores are a good asset, players usually go for the Smoke Grenades, as it puts Jackal in a great spot in planting plays.

Jackal's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Jackal is a roamer cleaner. Jackal's ability is perfect to spot defenders who are roaming around the map. Combining him with Lion or Dokkaebi is the perfect formula for a sweet, easy roamers hunt.

His loadout also makes him a good operator to execute plants, as he can bring two smoke grenades. On top of that, his secondary shotgun makes him a viable option for soft destruction and vertical plays.

How to use Jackal's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege?

Jackal's gadget is the Eyenox Model III. With it, Jackal can see the footsteps left behind by the defenders. If he's close enough, Jackal can scan the footsteps to know the exact location of the defender, which will leave a series of pings revealing his position on the map.

Footprints are divided by colors. Each color gives Jackal information about their recency, these being divided into the following:

  • Red: 0 to 19 seconds.
  • Yellow: 20 to 44 seconds.
  • Green: 45 to 64 seconds.
  • Blue: 65 to 89 seconds.

After 90 seconds, the footsteps disappear. These will also disappear once the defender is dead, so don't be afraid when scanning -- the defender is going to be alive when the time of the scan.

Footsteps are also divided into types, depending on the shape of the footstep. These are divided into the following:

  • Type A: Mute, Doc, Valkyrie, Mira.
  • Type B: Smoke, Castle, Pulse, Rook, Maestro, Clash, Mozzie, Warden.
  • Type C: Jäger, Bandit, Frost, Caveira, Echo, Lesion, Ela, Vigil, Alibi, Melusi.
  • Type D: Kapkan, Tachanka, Recruit, Kaid, Goyo, Wamai.

Let's be honest, almost nobody -- to not say nobody -- remembers each type of footprint. However, it's important to know about the colors. 

Jackal's gadget is mainly used to get rid of roamers. Roamers are very annoying, especially on big maps like Bank or Villa. Jackal's importance on those is huge, and he's often banned.

Use his Eyenox to spot the roamers, helping the entry fraggers and other teammates to cleaning those before focusing on the site. No roamers means the possibility of late flanks is reduced. That's always good!

How to counter Jackal in Rainbow Six Siege?

It's difficult to counter Jackal in Rainbow Six Siege. However, some operators can make his job a bit harder.

Caveira is the obvious counter. The Brazilian operator is perfect to counter his Eyenox Model III, as Caveira's Silent Step leaves no footprints. No footprints means Jackal can't spot Caveira. On top of that, the Brazilian won't be detected to Jackal's Eyenox if her ability is enabled, no matter if the Spanish attacker had already revealed her position.

Mute can also be a counter to Jackal's Eyenox, as Mute's Signal Disruptor will momentarily jam Jackal's Eyenox when getting close to one of his devices.

Best Jackal skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some skins for Jackal in Rainbow Six Siege.


Jackal's Elite Bundle is the Rastreador. It's inspired by the Spanish GEO's. You can purchase it with 1,800 R6 Credits.

Jackal Hazy Bundle

Jackal's only bundle other than his Elite Bundle is the Hazy Bundle. It can be acquired with Renown and with R6 Credits.

Speculative Fiction

The Speculative Fiction skin for Jackal's PDW9 can be acquired with Renown and R6 Credits. You can also use it for Osa!