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Warden Warden Warden

Warden is a defending Rainbow Six Siege operator, who is played in 11% of all rounds in SiegeGG-tracked matches.

Paluh has played the most rounds in their career with Warden. They are closely followed by DiasLucas, whose favorite operator is Hibana.

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Warden operator guide

Warden is a Rainbow Six Siege operator released with the launch of Operation Phantom Sight, which dates back to June 2019.

If Glaz was a defender, he would be Warden. Warden is a mix of Ying and the Russian operator, as his special glasses not only allow him to see through smoke screens but also to not be blinded by stun grenades.

Despite Warden being very situational, his ability is very strong. Keep on reading to find out more about this operator.

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Warden's biography

Warden's real name is Collin McKinley and he was born in Louisville, Kentucky. He enrolled in the Marine Corps when he was 18. After his third tour, he left the Marines and joined the Secret Service.

According to Ubisoft's biography, "McKinley’s agility was instrumental in saving Secretary of State Baldwin’s life when insurgents attacked the U.S. diplomatic junket. Baldwin later went on to win the U.S. Presidential and requested McKinley be assigned to the Presidential Protective Division."

Since then, he spent more than a decade protecting important political figures. Warden is an expert in close protection detail, and that helped him to join Team Rainbow.

Warden's loadout

Primary: M590A1 Shotgun / MPX Submachine Gun

Secondary: P-10C Handgun / SMG-12 Machine Pistol

Gadgets: x1 Deployable Shield / x1 C4 / x3 Observation Blocker

Warden's loadout includes Valkyrie's MPX, one of the easiest guns to control on defense. Its only downside is that the gun delivers low damage and you will probably need about four to five bullets to kill someone, unless you always go for the enemy's head!

However, the M590A1 Shotgun is a very good alternative to play as an anchor. You can use it for close-distance gunfights and to create new angles and rotations. You can combine it with a deployable shield or a C4!

As announced in the Y8S3 Designer's Notes, Ubisoft is planning to bring an update to Warden to reduce his pick rate. At the moment, Warden is Rainbow Six Siege's most played operator mainly due to his 1.5x scope.

Warden's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Warden is often played as a flex or an anchor.

As a flex, Warden can bring his MPX, which makes him strong in mid and long gunfights, as he has access to an x1.5 scope. 

When playing as an anchor, his shotgun can be combined with the SMG-12 and the C4, which makes him a very viable option to defend bombsites where attackers are expected to bring smoke or stun grenades.

Although he can also be played as a roamer, his loadout isn't meant for that function. We highly recommend you use Warden for very specific plays around the site.

How to use Warden's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Despite Warden's gadget being very useful, it's very situational.

Warden's gadget is the Glance Smart Glasses. When activated, Warden can't be flashed and can see through the smoke. Although it sounds very useful, it only helps to stop planting attempts behind a smoke screen or to stop operators like Ying and Blitz. It's also a good counter to Glaz and Sens.

If you are sure the attackers are going to base their attack on smokes, Warden is a very good addition to any defensive lineup. His C4 makes him an even better anchor in those situations. He can be very useful on maps like Chalet, Bank, or Kafe.

Does Warden have a counter?

Warden's main counter is IQ, who can detect his Glance Smart Glasses when activated with her Electronics Detector. Thatcher also has the ability to disable the glasses with his EMPs. Finally, Glaz can also be a counter, as he can see through the smoke. If Warden gets too comfortable with his glasses expecting nobody to know his location, Glaz can catch him off guard.

Best Warden skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some of Warden's skins in Rainbow Six Siege.

Spec Ops: Beach

If your favorite season of the year is Summer, this is your Elite Bundle. Spec Ops: Beach is Warden's Elite Skin and can be purchased with 1,800 R6 Credits.

FaZe Clan 2021

With Warden not having many cool cosmetics, checking out the R6 Share program for cosmetics is always a good idea. You can purchase this FaZe Clan skin for only 300 R6 Credits.

Team Secret 2021

Another R6 Share skin, this time Team Secret's 2021 cosmetic for the M590A1. You can acquire it for 300 R6 Credits.