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Rainbow Six Siege releases Grim's short animation film

What was Grim protecting?

Rainbow Six Siege has released a short animation film for Nighthaven's new recruit Grim. 

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Grim's short film

Rainbow Six Siege's new character has gotten its own animation film, which gives us new information about his origins. 

Grim was raised in Singapore. The video shows him in an operation in the middle of a jungle, where he has to protect a data key from some unknown enemies.

Later on, in the video, it is shown that Grim's main opposition is another character from Rainbow Six Siege, the Danish operator Nokk. Nokk has been tasked to steal QCR shipping records from under Grim's nose, with QCR bullets having been found at the death of Masayuki Yahata -- the man Rainbow Six operator Azami worked for.

QCR refers to Quantum Concepts and Robotics, the R&D division that is helmed by Grim's fellow Nighthaven operator Osa.

Grim and Nokk fight as Grim uses his gadget to detect Nokk. Once she gets the information she needs, Nokk uses an explosion to freeing herself and jumping out to a boat with Zero, leaving the building successfully with the data key. 

Who's Siege's newest operator Grim?

Grim is a Rainbow Six Siege character located in Singapore. He a three-speed, one-health operator entry fragger.

His gadget is the Kawan Hive Launcher, which can locate defenders for a brief time. Players will be able to use it to locate roamers quickly, being a good option alongside the likes of Lion, Jackal, and Dokkaebi.