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Lion is an attacking Rainbow Six Siege operator, who is played in 12% of all rounds in SiegeGG-tracked matches.

cameram4n has played the most rounds in their career with Lion. They are closely followed by Woogiman, whose favorite operator is Nomad.

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Lion operator guide

Lion might look like any other attacker in Siege. He looks useful in clearing roamers and having pretty strong loadout means that he is always a great addition to various attacking lineups.

However, it was not always like that. Rainbow Six defenders had to cower in terror when Lion was first released, as his EE-ONE-D could live ping any operator on the map or freeze them in place for ages. He was usually followed by Blitz, Jackal, Dokkaebi, and Ying, which is to date probably the deadliest lineup Siege has ever seen. 

He was so strong that the GIGN operator was indefinitely put in competitive quarantine until a rework was released. Only after the rework hit the live server was Lion eligible to be played in official tournaments again.

The ESL Pro League Season 8 Ban rate and Pick rate, where Lion was banned in 88% of the games. 

Lion's biography

He enlisted with the French Armed Forces after "being disowned by his family and on the brink of homelessness", according to Ubisoft's biography. His "skills and aptitude" were ideal to join the CBRN. Due to his "strict discipline" and "advanced training", he was able to join the 2nd Dragon Regiment, where he worked "primarily with their environmental monitoring sensors".

Later on, he decided to bring his abilities somewhere else. That's when he joined the Gendarmerie, with a view towards "GIGN's Operational Support Force (FAO)". His abilities in pressure handling were the main reason for Specialist Melnikova to recommend him as "a candidate for Rainbow".

Lion's loadout

Primary: V308 Assault Rifle / 417 Marksman Rifle / SG-CQB Shotgun

Secondary: LFP586 Handgun / GONNE-6 Hand Cannon

Gadget: 3 x Stun Grenade / Claymore

Lion's loadout is really strong, especially the V308 Assault Rifle. This is a weapon with 50+1 bullets per magazine and very manageable recoil. If that's not your thing though, you can always go for the 417 and its 3x sight, or the SG-CQB Shotgun. 

As a secondary, Lion can bring a revolver or the GONNE-6. Analyzing the current meta, and considering the current state of the V308, the GONNE-6 might be the best option. 

Regarding Lion's gadget, he can bring either stun grenades or a claymore. Depending on how you want to use this operator, one might be more useful than the other. If you want to clear defender utility, the stuns and GONNE-6 will help your team in doing so. Meanwhile, if you want to prevent jumpouts, runouts, or make the roamers' job a bit more difficult, then the Claymore might be your best ally. 

Lion's role in Rainbow Six Siege

Lion is a roamer cleaner. His gadget is used to detect and stop roamers for a brief period of time. Combining his gadget with other operators such as Jackal or Dokkaebi is a great way to clean defenders. 

He can also be used as a utility cleaner. His GONNE-6 and his flashes fit perfectly in that task, as he can destroy any bulletproof gadget and trigger any J├Ąger or Wamai device. 

How to use Lion's gadget in Rainbow Six Siege

Lion's gadget is versatile. It can be used in many situations in the game, especially to clear roamers. You can also use the gadget before rushing a specific room or the main site. 

Additionally, the EE-ONE-D is really useful during and after plant situations. Activating the gadget when the defuser is being planted or has been planted will force the defenders to hold their place.

Keep in mind that his gadget will limit the defenders' movements. With this being said, use it properly in moments where you think defenders must move. Doing that, plus droning to support your teammates is the least you can do as Lion. 

Best counters to Lion

The only two operators that can counter the French operator are Mute and Vigil. Mute's jammers will allow you to move around the jammed zone without being spotted by the EE-ONE-D, while Vigil's ability lets him move even when Lion's ability is active. 

Other than that, defenders' only counter to Lion is to stand still while the EE-ONE-D is active. 

Best Lion skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Lion has some really good bundles and skins in Rainbow Six Siege, so let's have a look at some of them. 

Leon S. Kennedy

Lion's elite skin comes out of a partnership with Resident Evil. This bundle is inspired by Resident Evil's character Leon Scott Kennedy and can be purchased for 1800 R6 Credits.

Health Hazard

This is a classic for Lion. Clean skin, and cheap. Many people in the game have purchased this skin, which can be acquired for just 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits.

Lion Spaceman Bundle

This is a very unique set for Lion, as it combines grey and orange shades. However, if you bring it to the battlefield, defenders might recognize you quite easily.